About Me

I bow to show my reverence to the Salvated souls and to the souls who imparted Absolute Knowledge. I bow to show my reverence to the monks and nuns of India who have guided and blessed me to be able to undertake this project. I also bow to show reverence to various monks and nuns who have blessed us with their knowledge through the means of various scriptures.

I am very grateful and thankful to my  grand parents, parents and parent in-laws who inspire me to do this work. I am also very thankful to my brother and his family, my brother-in law and his family who are always ready to help in my personal life.

The artwork would not have been possible without the guidance, support and teachings of Pundit Jai Kumarji from Delhi who has taken numerous phone calls between his travel and classes – to help me understand the concept of Planetary Movements, Karma Siddhanta , Jain Astrology and has been instrumental in bringing this artwork to present form. I do not think that I would have been able to bring this to reality without his unconditional “Guru” persona. 

The other soul that has guided me is Vijaya Didi from Indore, who has aided me in my confirmation of my understanding through library and literary research.

I am very thankful to Mehra uncle who is no more with us but he was the one who guided me to continue making  paintings. Another soul is Anil uncle who always aids and confirms to my understanding.

I am very thankful to Pandya Family for their immense support towards this project  and sponsoring for prints and DVD productions.

I am also very thankful to Abhay jain uncle, Palasia Jain Sangh of Indore, Vasantkunj’s jain Community, DJSNA members, Adinath jinalaya group, JCA of New York and Jaina for their support from time to time.

I am very thankful to Mr. Naresh Jain for encouraging me to come to Parliament of World religions. Also Prachi Dalal from Rubin Museum of Arts for inspiring me to make the concepts more understandable.

I am very thankful to various Art organizations, galleries, Art foundaries, Art Frame shops etc for their guidance, work and support from time to time and promoting this project..

I am very thankful to  Mr. Rakesh  Jain of  Infocrats Inc. and his team for making and managing website and the presentations.

Last but not the least, I am very thankful to my husband for his complete guidance, love and unconditional support for everything in Life. I am also very thankful to my son who has been very patient  and cooperative throughout the making of these paintings.

I am also very grateful to the souls who knowingly or unknowingly have aided to my understandings of Jainism and  all other relatives, friends of mine who are the well wishers of ours.

Artist Statement, Biograpy
Shefali’s passion for theology, religion, beauty and life is the major source of inspiration in her artwork.  She feels that purer the heart better is the expression.  Purity derives its energy in religion and faith.  In her Spring 2007 collection she has tried to capture the Jain faith of planets and how it indicates our Karmas – as directly related to sun signs.  Jainism flourishes in the concept of Purity of soul – “The Self”.  In doing so it requests mankind to shed bad “Karmas” or deeds and believes that planetary combinations can advise in the right directions.

Shefali also believe in the phrase 'A thing of beauty is the joy forever'.  She has tried to express the beauty of nature from its huge canvas of life into three-dimensional artwork.  Shefali Ajmera was born in New Delhi, India and brought up at Dewas - Indore (Madhya Pradesh).  Instinctively, she is a self-taught artist.  Since her childhood, art has been her passion

At the age of 19, she was recognized for her work on an earthen pot. She continued to keep art as one of her favorite past times.  She completed her MBA in 1997. In Dec'98, she got married and came to United States in Jan '99. Presently working with Metlife as a Financial Services Representative. After coming to US, she was able to spend more time on doing artwork and hence she decided to spend her life pursuing her passion. Shefali’s work is at private collections in India, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Texas.  She has held various shows all across Long Island and Manhattan.  One of her work, Samavsharan Vidhan Mandal (Oil on fabric), is soon going to be put up at Kund Kund Bharti, New Delhi and has received its blessings from Acharya Vidhyanandji Maharaj. 

She is an active member of the Arts Gallery at Jain Center of NY in Queens and this exhibition was there for approx.4 months from Mar2007 to July.2007 These works were also exhibited at Jaina Convention 2007 and Art Expo of New York 2007. These Artworks received immense blessings by various scholars, monks and nuns who visited the exhibition. It has been telecasted on Manglam- a jain TV show. It is based on the research work of Astrology by very renowned scholar of India and thereby because of the Aesthetic and Educative nature of these paintings, it is included  in the 8th volume of  the other researches being done on Ashtapad ( the holy place where first tirthankar got moksha). It has been very successful in aesthetically present Karmic theory of Jainism which is one of the most intense and scientific theory of Jainism. It has come on the cover page and inside the souvenir of International Jain Sangh 2608(April 19, 2009). It is coming on Jaina Calenders 2010 as well.